Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences of Nuh Naci Yazgan University (NNYÜ), Head of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Prof. Dr. Faith, AA correspondent, “healthy eating plate” which is defined as a national nutrition policy in Turkey, said that during Ramadan the importance that such compliance.

Explaining that milk, cheese, yoghurt and ayran are the leading foods to be consumed in the first place, İnanç expressed that he can benefit from this food group by consuming yogurt for iftar and milk for sahur.

Pointing out that blood sugar may decrease after prolonged starvation, İnanç said, “We need dessert to regulate blood sugar. If we give weight to milk desserts at iftar, we will get the necessary nutrients from this milk group. It contains calcium, phosphorus, it should not be thought of just like milk, like protein. desserts have the feature of keeping you full due to their protein. ” he spoke.

Prof. Dr. İnanç noted that meat, eggs, cheese, dried nuts and legumes are the second food group that should be consumed.

Religion in Turkey, indicating that a habit to consume a bowl of soup at the iftar, said:

“Soup provides a feeling of fullness and is correct. We can drink the soup and consume other foods after a 5-minute break. We can choose legumes while making these soups, or if we are cooking rice, we can do this using a cereal and dried legumes. It is a very correct approach because there is a protein missing in one of them. The two are matched with each other and their absorption is better in the intestines. 2 days a week we should definitely consume meatball-sized red meat. If we cannot find this, we should consume eggs instead. If we do not have a meat meal at iftar, we eat an egg in sahur and consume one of this group. It may cause constipation. Therefore, we must definitely consume vegetables. We will eat vegetable food at iftar, we can consume tomatoes and cucumbers and greens in sahur. By buying a green pepper, we will meet the daily vitamin C.

A healthy adult should drink around 2-3 liters of water.

Drawing attention to the importance of water consumption in Ramadan, İnanç said that a healthy individual should consume 7-8 glasses of water, ie 2-3 liters, from iftar to sahur.

“There shouldn’t be a fluid consumption below that.” İnanç said:

“Insufficient water may cause problems which leads to impaired concentration on consumption. We consume Therefore fluid must. Tea is one of the most consumed beverage in Turkey. There are some antioxidants in tea, there are also positive effects. However, pregnant women and should not take the meal of the anemia. Drinks if the They should drink a clear tea. Let’s not confuse the liquid need with the tea consumption. When we consume excessive tea, it causes both fluid excretion and electrolytes. We will drink two liters of water, along with our tea.

Healthy dinner plates, both in the world in the last group of the most consumed cereal in Turkey stressed that the Faith, to be protected from obesity and bring that cardiovascular diseases are associated with it, diabetes, the grain group to move away from health problems such as broken bones, he pointed to the need to consume less.

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