It has been stated that consuming fatty and salty foods during Eid al-Adha with hot weather can trigger cardiovascular disease, blood pressure imbalance and heart failure. Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Cihan Altın said, “After the normalization process, people started to go out again. Since these hot weather combined with the Eid al-Adha, a serious increase in heart diseases is expected. Both the temperature of the weather and the excessively fatty and salty foods that can be eaten during the feast, hypertension, heart failure, coronary It can create serious dangers in patients with clogged arteries,” he said.

Noting that especially during such periods, many cardiovascular patients, patients who had a heart attack and had a blood pressure attack, applied to the clinics, Assoc. Dr. Altın said, “That’s why we have to be very careful, especially during these periods, we should avoid excessively fatty foods. Sometimes on special days such as Eid al-Adha, the dose can be high. I recommend heart patients to eat our victims, especially on the lean side. In terms of cardiovascular health, use as little animal fat and oil as possible. “Eating less salty is very important for health. I strongly recommend that everyone pay attention to this issue, especially during this period. We also need to continue to pay attention to the pandemic process. We will celebrate the holiday, but we will celebrate it by taking mask, distance and hygiene measures,” he said.


Emphasizing that hot weather negatively affects patients with heart disease, blood pressure and heart failure, Assoc. Dr. Gold explained what needs to be considered and the precautions that can be taken. Altın said, “There is a loss of fluid in the body with hot weather. The blood flowing in the veins becomes darker and heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases are more common in this period. Especially heart patients should consume close to 2 liters of water a day. It is strongly recommended that they go out between 12.00 and 14.00. “I don’t want to walk. The walk should be done during cool hours. The heat affects especially those with heart disease, blood pressure and heart failure patients very badly. Extreme heat is such a dangerous situation that it can lead to serious consequences that can lead to heart attacks and even death,” he said.


Underlining that typical chest pains should be considered against dangerous situations, Assoc. Dr. Altın said, “Let’s imagine that your gender is male and your age is around 40. While walking outside in hot weather, you felt a pain in the form of pressure in your chest. After stopping and resting, your chest pain goes away, then you start walking again, but the pain starts again. If you are experiencing such a situation, it is very typical of this situation. It is a sign of heart disease. If there is such a situation, it is necessary to go to a heart doctor without wasting any time, because early diagnosis saves lives and can result in very bad results if it is delayed. Let’s pay attention to typical chest pains. Apart from this, those who complain of extreme fatigue, palpitations, shortness of breath should also be consulted. It would be beneficial to get in touch with the heart doctor,” he said.

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