The most common symptom of neck straightening is stated as neck pain. The pain can spread to the back and shoulder, and then a headache may accompany this picture. If the neck straightening is not treated, it significantly affects the quality of life.

Upset. Dr. Feride Ekimler Süslü gave information about neck straightening and its symptoms.

The spine should look like the letter C

In a healthy body; The spine curves in four different regions in its structure extending from the skull to the coccyx. These look like the letter C in the neck and waist area and like the inverted letter C in the back and coccyx region. The fact that these curves are more or less than normal causes various spinal disorders. These changes in the bones cause many symptoms by placing an extra load on both the different spines and the muscle groups and ligaments around them. Neck straightening; This curvature, which should be normal in the spine, decreases and the image disappears like the letter C and a flat image is formed or the letter C means the angle of the image decreases.

Neck straightening manifests itself with the following symptoms;

• Neck pain,
• Restricted neck movements,
• Weakness in neck muscles, headache,
• Back pain,
Feeling of heaviness and pain, such as a feeling of weight on the shoulders
Neck pain,
• If there is pressure on the nerve roots, pain in the arms and numbness in the hand are the most common symptoms.

Posture disorder mostly affects the neck

The most common cause of neck straightening is poor posture, that is, posture disorder. Consequently, the physiological curvatures that should be in the spine disappear and neck straightening occurs. In addition, neck flattening may occur due to spinal disorders such as scoliosis or kyphosis during the development of the spine. During the anatomical development of the vertebrae that make up the spine, deformities may occur and neck straightening may occur as a result. The degeneration of the discs due to fluid loss due to old age or the increase of hump due to bone collapse caused by osteoporosis can cause a straightening of the neck. Neck straightening may occur after exposure to physical trauma or after excessive strain and damage to the muscle, connective tissue, ligament and fascia surrounding the neck bones.

The factors that cause posture disorder are as follows;

1. Increasing use of computers and phones for a long time today

2. Heavy backpack use

3.The environment is not ergonomic in working life

4. Increased work per desk

5. Increased phone usage

6.The desire to hide the body, especially in girls during adolescence

Treatments improve the quality of life

Auxiliary orthoses (neck collar, corset) can be used in the treatment of neck straightening. The patient is informed about daily life lines such as computer use, telephone use, work environment, and pillow selection that may cause neck straightening. In the first stage of treatment, physical medicine methods are preferred. In patients with pain, pain relief and nonsteroidal medication, if necessary, muscle relaxants in patients with muscle spasm, and topical treatments when necessary can be used. These do not eliminate neck straightening, but are effective in increasing the patient’s quality of life. In addition, methods such as kinesio taping, dry needling, painful point injections and neural therapy can be used in patients.

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