Prof. Dr. Kabasakal stated to the AA correspondent that inflammatory low back rheumatism, which is estimated to be 5 per thousand in Turkey, is an important disease affecting the quality of life.

Kabakasal stated that the disease that occurs at a young age and involves the spine and joints connected to the spine is often confused with lumbar hernia, which can delay the treatment process, and gave the following information:

“It is necessary to differentiate this disease from herniated disc. Pain related to lumbar hernia is better known when it begins, increases with movement, and passes when resting. However, back pain in inflamed lumbar rheumatism has been continuing for at least 3 months, it is not known how it started, and more people go to bed. Patients may have to wake up and move in the morning. When they get up in the morning, they may have pain in the waist and back, difficulty in movement, and stiffness. but when he sits for a long time he may have to get up due to pain in his buttocks. 70 percent of these patients can be diagnosed with lumbar hernia at first. “

It is more common in men

Prof. Dr. Yasemin Kabasakal stated that the disease is seen 2-3 times more in men than in women, and the diagnosis can be delayed because the pain can spread throughout the body in women.

Pointing out that awareness of the disease is of great importance, Kabasakal noted that the discomfort causes the body to lean forward and impairs the quality of life.

Expressing that these patients should make exercises that will strengthen their waist and back muscles a part of daily life, Kabasakal said, “So they can maintain their body posture. It can increase 1.5 times. ” said.

Kabasakal added that antirheumatic painkillers are effective in the treatment process, and that the use of biological drugs in the early stages in patients with insufficient medications can improve the patient’s quality of life.

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