One of the most distressing situations for children and their families is that the child’s tooth is broken, displaced or completely displaced due to dental trauma. In dental traumas, regardless of the shape and size of the trauma, a dentist, if possible, a pedodontist should be consulted as soon as possible.

Generally, parents may not care much if there is no serious bleeding after a fall or injury. However, it should be kept in mind that the teeth lost after trauma are the teeth that are mostly intervened late.

Especially in dental traumas that result in tooth dislocation and tooth fracture, the time between reaching the dentist from the moment of the incident and the way the broken tooth piece or tooth is brought plays a major role in the success of the treatment.

In such a situation, the family should try to be as calm as possible and inform the physician about exactly when, how and where the accident occurred. The dentist should be informed correctly about the general health condition of the child (allergic asthma, epilepsy, blood disease, heart diseaseā€¦) and whether there is a tetanus vaccine.

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