Explaining that breast cancer is seen in one of every 8-9 women, General Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Cengiz Ara, “Among the cancers that cause death in women, breast cancer is the second most common cancer after lung cancer. Its frequency gradually increases after the age of 40. Family history increases the risk of mutation in the BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 and P53 gene. 2% if the mother and sibling have breast cancer. If there is to 5 to both, the risk increases by 8 percent ”, he said.

Explaining that the risk of breast cancer is high in the white race, Prof. Dr. Cengiz Ara said, “Early menstruation and late menopause increase the risk. Not giving birth or giving birth late increases the risk. Those who drink alcohol and smoke increase the risk by 41 percent. Fatty diet and obesity increase the risk. It is more common in those exposed to radiation in childhood and under the age of 30 “.


Drawing attention to the symptoms of breast cancer, Prof. Dr. Ara, “Mass, pain, nipple discharge, vertical and upward appearance of the breast (forgue sign), edema on the skin on the breast, orange peel appearance, ulceration and edema in the skin, retraction of the nipple (retraction), reducing the mortality rate in breast cancer and quality “The best way to gain life is early diagnosis and treatment.”

Ara explained that breastfeeding, the first child being born before the age of 30, exercising 3 times a week would reduce the risk by 35-40 percent.


Explaining that the treatment is decided according to the size of the tumor, Prof. Dr. Cengiz Ara said, “According to the results of Modified Radical Mastectomy, Breast Conserving Surgery, Sentinel Lymph Node, if the result is positive, Axillary dissection is performed. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy are performed. In delayed cases, surgical operation is performed after neoadjuvant chemotherapy (to reduce the diameter of the tumor) and radiotherapy (radiotherapy) ”.

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