He said that various hormones are secreted in our body at the time of different stress, thanks to these hormones, it is possible to fight the new situation. When we encounter a situation with stress, our brain first gives an alarm. Thanks to this alarm, we focus our attention on the situation and prepare our body. This preparation increases our resistance to the new situation.

And it allows us to fight or cope with this situation. If we cannot fight or cope, exhaustion occurs. So we succumb to stress. To what extent we can resist stress is related to what level it is. If the stress is more than we can bear, if it is constant, if we do not have enough strength to fight, or if it is more than one; It will be difficult for us to cope. The perception of stress differs from person to person. Stress for one person can be a disaster for another. Sometimes we can easily cope with the same stress before, but we may not be able to cope with the same stress again.

Psychotherapist Assist. Assoc. Dr. Rıdvan Üney listed the situations in which stress affects human life as follows:

-Adolescence Period: Adolescence is one of the most critical points in human life. In this period, which is the transition period from childhood to adulthood, the adolescent becomes sensitive about many issues. He may be more feisty and more irritable. Since it will take time to adapt to the changes in his body and mind, he is more vulnerable to stress. In return for this; even small problems can become difficult for him to get out of.

-Marriage: In the early stages of marriage, both men and women can be more sensitive to stress. Even just before marriage; The meeting of families, their harmony with each other, promises, engagement and wedding ceremonies can cause a different stress. Apart from that, getting used to a new home and the habits of the other person with marriage can cause stress.

– New Job: A new job can create excitement in the person, but also cause stress. New friendships at work, the way the workplace works, the behavior of your boss or manager can cause stress.

– Changing city: People may have to change cities for school, work or economic reasons. Even if this development is positive,

Adjusting to a new city can be stressful at first. Transportation, not knowing the city well in meeting simple needs, being away from one’s relatives can leave the person stressed.

-Terrorism: Terrorist incidents can also cause stress in people. Seeing those who fled the war and took refuge in our country, witnessing terrorist incidents in the media or in person can create stress for the person. For this reason, the person may have difficulties, exaggerate the issue of security, stay away from crowded places, disrupt their work, and care more about the whispers-made news around.

– Pregnancy: Pregnancy can be a source of stress for women. On the one hand, she may be worried about changes in her body, weight gain, duration of pregnancy, mode of delivery, and taking care of the child. Even these situations can sometimes cause anxiety in the spouse. In addition, if the woman has had a miscarriage before, if there is a risk related to pregnancy, if an unwanted pregnancy has occurred, she is exposed to stress.

– Traffic: Especially in big cities, the excess of time spent in traffic, non-compliance with traffic rules, works that need to be carried out in a limited time, the risk of accident can cause intense stress in people.

-Diseases: Diseases that the person is caught and treated for a long time, cancers, diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes that require long-term medication, congenital diseases, diseases that make it difficult for the person to move can be a source of stress in themselves.

-Child Care: One of the most intense problems of working people today is related to child care. If the woman is working; may be stressed about a safe environment to leave their child. Most of all, people who try to solve this situation with a foreign caregiver may be under greater stress. For this reason, difficulties such as placing a camera in the house and intermittent control may occur.

– Children: Many issues such as children’s exam stress, education costs, decisions to be taken about their school, private lessons can cause stress in families. Apart from this, the problems of their children with their siblings, choosing friends, doing in their spare time, and external dangers can also cause different stresses.

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