The four most common causes of deaths in the world are; Cardiovascular diseases, oncological diseases, infections and respiratory diseases are on the list. If we include stroke in cardiovascular diseases, the most common cause of death in the world is cardiovascular diseases.

Our country is at a very good point in the treatment of chronic heart diseases

Saying that although chronic heart diseases are mostly seen in the elderly population, when we individualize these diseases, we can encounter them in all age groups. Dr. Faruk Ertaş said: “If we want to give an age limit, we can accept the age of 40 as the starting age for chronic heart diseases. Although the treatment of these diseases varies from patient to patient, there are generally three treatment options: medical, closed (with a needle) and open surgical treatment. Our country is in a very good place in this regard. All treatments applied in the most developed countries of the world can be reached in our country and can be easily applied by our physicians. “

It is important to know the risk factors

Emphasizing that we consider the risk factors that cause cardiovascular diseases in two categories as unchangeable risk factors and changeable risk factors, Prof. Dr. Faruk Ertaş continued his words as follows: “The risk factors that cannot be changed are age, family history and gender. There is nothing to be done for these. However, we can control the risk factors that can be changed. Chief among these are hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, tobacco use, obesity, sedentary life, stress and unhealthy diet. We have to fight them separately. The combination of these factors increases the risk of cardiovascular death by a factor of two. For example, if a person other than diabetes has five risk factors, that person is 32 times more likely to experience a cardiovascular event than a healthy person. Diabetes is accepted as the equivalent of ischemic heart disease. “

The most important point here is Prof. Dr. Faruk Ertaş: “To increase our awareness of cardiovascular diseases and to combat risk factors. “To stay away from tobacco use in the first place, to put physical exercise at the center of our lives, to eat healthy and to remove stress from our lives, to have our annual screenings after the age of forty.”

Treatment of chronic heart patients is lifelong

Prof. Dr. Faruk Ertaş continued his words as follows: “In case of discontinuation of these drugs, unwanted dramatic events, including death, may occur due to the relevant chronic disease. For example; The patient who has hypertension and does not use his medication, has cerebral hemorrhage, atrial fibrillation, and the patient who does not use blood thinners has ischemic stroke, ischemic heart disease and the patient who discontinues his medication may have a new heart attack attack. In order not to experience such bad results, patients with chronic heart disease should continue their treatment in line with the recommendations of their physicians. “

Pandemic seriously affected chronic heart patients

Prof. Dr. Faruk Ertaş: “The pandemic process seriously affected patients with chronic heart disease in many ways. Considering the data of the studies conducted on this subject, it was seen that chronic heart diseases were the most common accompanying diseases in patients who were positive for COVID-19 and died. Apart from this, the psychotraumatic effect of the pandemic process, the inability to go to the hospital for routine check-ups due to the fear of getting sick, being doomed to a sedentary life at home, and the confusion that is open to discussion about the increased risk of getting COVID-19 disease for some drug groups, which are vital for these patients. It affected the group negatively.

“This process is a temporary process, I recommend that they comply with all the rules determined by the scientific committee in order not to get sick, and not to go beyond the recommendations of their physicians who follow them about their diseases.”

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