SDU Faculty of Medicine Internal Medicine Department academic staff member Prof. Dr. Mustafa Özgür Pirgon stated that in the field of pediatric endocrine, patients follow their diseases such as ‘diabetes’, ‘hormone disorders’, ‘premature puberty’, ‘congenital bone diseases’, and provide services to relieve the comfort of life of patients. Emphasizing that obesity has become the problem of the whole world today, Prof. Dr. Pirgon said that the pandemic period increases inactivity and the movements of children are restricted. Stating that the rates of obesity measurements made for children in Isparta are low and he finds this situation pleasing, Prof. Dr. “After mothers, teachers also play a critical role in child health. Teachers who spend a long time with children of the same age group can immediately identify that a child has a different behavior from another child and can direct the family. The consciousness level of families in our city is high. We are in the position of a health conscious province, “he said.

Stating that the world is changing rapidly, Prof. Dr. Pirgon stated that nothing is the same as before, people did not come to the hospital until they reached the level of surgery before, and now they are over-controlling. Underlining that the concept of ‘perfect person’ will take place in the next period, Prof. Dr. “In the coming years, people will want to be perfect people. He will use nutrients and do sports that will bring him to perfection. The biggest reason for this is the rapidly increasing use of social media. People see other people and look at themselves, they want to look flawless by reaching more perfection. As the most concrete example of this situation, we can show the sports halls and aesthetic centers, whose number is rapidly increasing around us, “he said.

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