Stressing that blood donation provides significant benefits for the donor to lead a healthier life, Öğr. See. Özlem Demir stated that people’s tissues, organs and systems are regenerated with blood donation. Saying that the person who will donate blood should be in the 18-65 age group and should be at least 50 kilograms, Demir said, “Only half a liter at a time, that is, 8 to 9 percent of the blood, can be given. Men can donate blood every three months and women every four months. Volunteers can donate blood and plasma at an average of 350 points per day by making an appointment through the ‘’ website or 168 call centers, ”he said.


Stating that blood group and hemoglobin amount are checked with the blood taken from the finger before the blood donation process, and if blood pressure is measured and the values ​​are within normal ranges, Demir said, “Since the blood bags in which the collected blood is kept are disposable, there is no risk of contamination. Donating blood does not have any side effects such as weight gain, weakness, addiction, allergic reaction or fatigue. Considering these situations, in these pandemic days, where social solidarity is more important than ever, blood donation can be made by allocating 10-15 minutes. “The donor, whose blood volume reaches a normal level in less than 72 hours with adequate fluid intake, can return to his daily life.”

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