Stating that women are more prone to emotional nutrition in a period of stress and uncertainty like a pandemic, Dr. Dietician Gonca Güzel Ünal shared what should be done to eat healthy and lose weight during this period.


Recent studies and research reveal the change in lifestyles of the pandemic. In the research conducted by Ipsos at the end of February, individuals were asked about their pre-epidemic and current weight and accordingly, 60 percent of the individuals were found to have gained weight since the epidemic started. Unal stated that individuals who are more inactive at home can easily gain weight if they do not pay enough attention to their nutrition, and that 65 percent of those who gain weight are women. With this rate, it was noted that women gained 54 percent more weight than men.

Stating that doing exercises that accelerate metabolism will be effective in losing weight, Ünal said, “Working from home means moving less. Although our responsibilities at home increase, these movements mean burning less calories than the running around in a day. So our metabolism will spend less than before. In order to prevent this situation, adding metabolism-boosting exercises, interval training, weight lifting and resistance exercises regularly, even for 10 minutes a day, will produce very effective results.


Dietician Gonca Ünal stated that reducing an average of 200 calories from the daily calorie need will balance the food intake:

“It is helpful to remove a snack from your diet or to reduce your fat, sugar and carbohydrate intake. Obesity and chronic diseases are affected by the intestinal microbiota, so it is necessary to eat a variety of foods, get plenty of fiber and add fermented foods to the diet. Kefir, yoghurt, pickles are the best examples of foods that can be given to fermented foods. Try to eat vegetables at every meal of the natural diet and at least half a kilo of vegetables a day. Vegetables are both low-calorie and contain plenty of fiber and constitute the intestinal microbiota.

Stating that intermittent fasting called Intermittent Fasting can be an effective method, Ünal said, “You can accelerate the metabolic rate that decreases with inactivity in this way. In the first stage, it may be a good start to stay hungry for 16 hours and plan a feeding interval of 8 hours. In addition, eating a high-calorie one-day low-calorie-a-day diet will surprise your metabolism and speed up your weight loss. Make sure to record how much you eat, how much you move, the getaways you make. In this way, you will be able to track and balance your nutrition much better ”.

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