Experts said that eating disorders are linked to isolation and anxiety, and these symptoms increase during the pandemic process. Jillian Lambert, Chief Strategy Officer of the Emily Program, working on eating disorders, emphasized that people’s routines at home have changed during the Covid-19 process, “Our environment is full of different foods and social media tools that tell us how to look and how to do sports during the pandemic process. That’s why we feel we have to achieve something, ”he said.

It was stated that the volatility in the markets and the feeling of fear that the pandemic may bring may increase the risk of eating disorders, and people with eating disorders who already feel anxious and lonely have to struggle with this situation more during the pandemic process.


It was stated that calls to the National Eating Disorders Call Center have increased by 70 percent since the pandemic started. “We should all have to think a little bit of people trying to adopt a strict lifestyle when very few things are under our control,” said Lambert.

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