Medical esthetician Specialist Doctor Yahya Yiğit pointed out that there was a 2-fold increase in the number of patients coming to the clinic during the pandemic process and said, “Our intensity has increased even more during the pandemic process, the number of our patients has doubled. Although we work until late hours, we often find it difficult to schedule appointments.

In Diyarbakır, women who had a hard time with the pandemic and wanted to get rid of the negative psychology created by the pandemic turned to medical aesthetic applications. Women who come to medical aesthetic clinics mostly prefer spot treatment, scar treatment, rejuvenation applications, non-surgical facelift, non-surgical rejuvenation and neck lift procedures. Medical aesthetist Specialist Doctor Yahya Yiğit said that the pandemic causes serious morale in people and that people who want to feel good prefer medical aesthetic applications by turning to their personal care.


Pointing out that the number of patients has increased twice compared to the pre-pandemic, Yiğit said: “This pandemic process causes serious morale in people. This leads people to some different ways and different tools to feel better. Most importantly, their personal care is their personal care. The most preferred applications for their personal care were medical aesthetic applications. As a result, we started to experience a serious intensity during this process. Although we work late hours, we often have difficulties in scheduling appointments. This situation reflected on us intensely, as people pay more attention to their personal care and spend more time to feel better in order to be happier.I can say that the number of our patients increased twice during the pandemic process. Although both men apply to our clinic I can say that the applicants are mostly women. In the past, older people preferred these procedures, but now, from the age of 20, almost many people have these procedures. The most common procedures are spot treatment, scar treatment, rejuvenation applications, non-surgical facelift, non-surgical rejuvenation and neck lift procedures.


Zübeyde Esin, who came to the clinic to have rejuvenation practices, stated that she was a healthcare staff and that she was tired during the pandemic process, “I am a healthcare staff, I work every day, I work overtime. We were really tired and timeless especially during the pandemic process. I found a place where I can devote time to my skin and body. I have a transaction, I am very pleased, I am very good, I did not feel any discomfort. I can say that I got through this process as if it did not exist.


Zühal Manay, who came to the clinic to have a youth serum, stated that he turned to this kind of care because he was at home during the pandemic period, and said, “During the pandemic period, we women were at home and we guided ourselves to such care because we were at home. “I was really bored even though I was really bored, I had to do something about myself. I was a person at peace with a mirror, but after the procedures I had done here, I became much more at peace,” he said.

Health worker Fatoş Dalgıç, on the other hand, stated that they were worn out due to the pandemic and said, “I am a healthcare worker and we have been worn out during this process. I try to spare time for myself whenever I find the opportunity.”

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