Stating that people have aesthetic applications not only to look beautiful, but also for health reasons, Uzm. Dr. Hasan Benar said, “Even though there are various opinions of people about aesthetic applications, the star of which has been shining more recently, the general opinion in the society is that it is done with the concern of beauty. However, aesthetic applications are not done just to be beautiful or to look beautiful. There are many people who have regained their health with the little touches,” he said.


Explaining the causes and treatment methods of health problems that require aesthetic intervention, Dr. Hasan Benar said:

“The number of people who have visual impairment due to low eyebrows and speech disorders due to a tiny abnormality in their chin is substantial. Problems such as facial deformity due to facial paralysis, teeth clenching/grinding problem, excessive sweating are also common disorders that reduce the quality of life. Some of these problems can be corrected even with minor interventions without surgery. By using botox and fillers in the treatment, we can get satisfactory results on behalf of our patients. In particular, we completely eliminate the problem of sweating and clenching with botox. We help patients who come to us on this and many other issues.”


Dr. Hasan Benar patented the two-point jawline technique as a result of the practices he performed at his partner clinic in the past months. Explaining the features of this technique, which is stated to have become a favorite of even the royal family, Hasan Benar said, “The two-point jawline technique is a non-surgical aesthetic intervention. We gave this name to the process of correcting congenital or acquired deformations with the filling technique.”

Stating that with this technique, the filling material taken from the person’s own body is injected into the necessary points, Dr. Benar said, “Since it is non-surgical, the risk is also minimal. Since it is a filling material taken from the person’s own body, it does not cause allergies. However, if the patient has a very important health problem, the side effects may change accordingly. Apart from this, it has almost no side effects except for mild redness. The effect of the application begins to be seen immediately. However, it expires between 9 and 12 months. If our patient has had this application before, then the effect will continue for a longer time. It can be done multiple times in a row. It is an effective and highly preferred application in terms of usefulness and results.”

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