prof. Dr. Cihangir Akgün pointed out that hypertension, which is known as an adult disease during the pandemic period, is now very common in children. Stating that children have difficulty in throwing out their energies in the home environment, Prof. Dr. Cihangir Akgün gave the information, “Children who used to run and play spend hours with smartphones, television and computers because they cannot go outside due to the pandemic, and this situation paves the way for obesity, hypertension and insulin resistance.”


prof. Dr. Cihangir Akgün continued his words in his written statement;

“The change in the eating habits of families during the pandemic period to fast food type high-calorie foods also affects this situation even more negatively. In addition to these foods, carbonated drinks that are frequently consumed pose a high risk for hypertension in children. A child who cannot go to school or go out on the street should not spend his day consuming snacks such as chips and crackers in front of the TV, which contain additives called monosodium glutamate and popularly known as Chinese salt, which pose a high risk for hypertension.”


Referring to the psychological effects of playing games at the computer instead of educational activities, Prof. Akgün said, “The child who cannot go out can be exposed to serious stress depending on the scenarios of the game while spending time with computer games. As a result of all these, obesity is inevitable and when examined, insulin resistance is encountered. These children are brought to the pediatric outpatient clinic by their parents with complaints of headache, nosebleed, tinnitus, and visual impairment and are often diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, which includes hypertension, obesity and insulin resistance.

10-Year-old BP PATIENT

Saying that hypertension, which was previously seen after the age of 30-40, is now seen in children around the age of 10-12, Akgün concluded his words as follows:

“While some of these children recover with lifestyle changes, unfortunately some of them have to be started on medication. In order to avoid this situation, children should be encouraged to do sports and they should not spend too much time with the products brought by technology that causes a sedentary life such as computers, televisions and smart phones. During the pandemic period, sports facilities that can be done at home should be provided, by taking the necessary safety precautions, using simple sports equipment such as resistance rope, resistance rubber and home-type trampoline, which are both fun and burn plenty of calories, will keep your child away from this type of disease.

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