Explaining that it will be a difficult process to continue with the old life after the pandemic, psychiatrist Nehir Kürklü said, “The old life will be returned with a gradual process. People will not be able to shake hands, kiss, hug for a long time, remove the masks immediately, and give up the habit of washing the bags. Pandemic anxiety will continue for a while, but this is very normal,” he said.


Stating that habits and behavior patterns have changed for 1.5 years, Nehir Kürklü noted that at the end of the pandemic, anxiety and control in people will show their effect for a while. Stating that people’s longing for the past increased intellectually during the pandemic period with changing habits and behavior patterns, Kürklü mentioned that this longing is expressed through old photos shared on social media. Pointing out that during this period, people moved away from social life and therefore could not add new memories to their lives, Kürklü said, “For this reason, memories from the past are shared. The past is missed. The more normal life is, the more sociability increases, the more new memories can be saved. New memories are added when people receive adequate mental stimuli. When the mind is left without stimulus, the subconscious comes into play and the old days are thought about,” he said.

‘Stagnation and introversion make us think about the past’

Explaining that activities such as listening to music, reading books and doing sports, which seem to be very simple, stimulate the mind and prevent the subconscious from getting involved, Kürklü says, “When people are unhappy, they are generally more stagnant and introverted. For this reason, the past is considered more. When outward interaction dwindles, too much is a thing of the past. This also affects psychology. The individual may be more depressed, creating hopelessness about the future,” he said.

Drawing attention to the fact that Covid-19 cases have decreased and increased in Turkey as well as all over the world during this period, and variants have emerged, Nehir Kürklü said, “This situation causes uncertainty. The constant variability of the virus and the frequent occurrence of this cycle cause hopelessness in people. It is thought that the good old days will not be experienced again,” he said.

Adding that the acceptance of the current situation will relieve the person, Kürklü said that during this period, everyone should do what is best for them.

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