Recently, the number of people painting their white goods or furniture with acrylic paints has started to increase, especially to renovate their homes. Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Mahmut Muzaffer İlhan drew attention to the fact that the endocrine blocking substances found in the dyes used in industrial products invite many diseases.

Stating that hormones are very special signals that transmit messages from cell to cell, Assoc. Dr. “Hormones are signals in the nature of various messages that go from one cell to another and order that cell to divide, metabolism, reproduce and even die. There are many tissues in our body that are specialized for this task. Many endocrine glands from the thyroid gland to the pancreatic gland, from the adrenal gland to the reproductive organs take part in this issue. While these hormone levels are maintained in a very delicate balance, with recent industrialization, many substances can accumulate in the body and endocrine glands and negatively affect the functioning of these glands. We call these endocrine blockers. Among these, the substance we call BPA used in plastic materials, phthalates, perflora carbons, various pesticides or heavy metals can be counted ”.

It causes infertility in men

Noting that a place where endocrine blockers are frequently found is dyes, Assoc. Dr. İlhan said, “Whether wall paints or acrylic paints, endocrine inhibitors that are widely used in the industry and can harm health. The reasons for using these substances in paints can be listed as increasing the protection and flexibility of the paint or using it for pigment adjustment. The most harmful substances to the body are the substances we call phthalates. These substances are used to increase the flexibility of the paint. But very clearly, it is an endocrine blocker that has been shown to cause male infertility. Apart from that, a substance called alkyl phenol ethoxylate especially used in acrylic paints. Especially recently, a lot of work has become. There is also important information that this substance may accumulate in the reproductive system in men and cause infertility, ”he said.


Stating that formaldehyde, which has been used in the industry for a long time, is one of the important compounds used in paints, Assoc. Dr. “For example, when formaldehyde is used, it can stay in rooms for years and can also cause cancer. It can also cause respiratory irritation (allergy or tissue damage). Another substance is ether, which is frequently used in paints. Ether is also a compound used more in water-based paints. This is a substance that has been shown to trigger allergies and asthma, especially in children, ”he said.

Assoc. Dr. Mahmut Muzaffer İlhan continued his words as follows:

“We see the antimicrobial properties of some dyes lately. It is necessary to pay attention to these. Because there is no evidence that these dyes have much benefit besides their antimicrobial properties. But more pesticides are used here. These can lead to both acute poisoning and various functional disorders by accumulating in organs in the long term. Apart from that, silica or heavy metals can sometimes be used for pigmentation in paints. These can also lead to various cancer diseases. “


Stating that sensitivity about dyes has started to develop in both Europe and America, Assoc. Dr. İlhan said, “There is something called Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). A system that adjusts the amount of organic compounds contained in dyes. It is suggested that this should not be at all, or even less than 50 grams or less than 50 millimeters. It is necessary to pay particular attention to this. I think that the necessary regulations should be made for the certification of dyes in our country. In addition, it is very important to raise awareness of the public, question the content of these dyes and learn the contents from the paint manufacturers. “It is very important to reduce contact with paints and respiration as much as possible, especially when they are first painted.”

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