Some diseases can cause obesity such as kushing disease and hypothyroidism, but these are rare causes. The main causes of obesity are;

Lack of physical activity (sedentary life, daily lack of activity). You could not be able to burn the calories you take daily.
Unhealthy eating and eating habits: When we eat more energy than you burn daily, the excess part is stored as fat in our body. It facilitates this in high-calorie foods in the form of fast food.

Risk factors for obesity:

* Obesity is a complex condition that occurs as a result of the combination of many factors and facilitating factors.
* Family lifestyle
* Lack of daily movement
* Unhealthy diet: Foods that are rich in calories and poor in fruit and vegetables that can be consumed quickly.

Medical problems

* Some medications that have to be used; some antidepressants, diabetes medications, cortisone, and blood pressure medications
* Poor social and economic conditions
* As the age increases, the rate of obesity increases
*To smoke
* Insufficient and irregular sleep

With a healthy diet, a regular exercise program and lifestyle change, you can fight obesity individually. If you fail in this war, you can apply to us doctors. The fight against obesity is a very serious issue.

Diseases brought about by obesity.

If you are obese, then sooner or later your chances of experiencing obesity-related health problems are inevitable.

Examples of these health problems;

* High triglyceride level
* Type 2 diabetes
* Metabolic syndrome: high blood sugar + high blood pressure + high triglyceride + low HDL cholesterol
*Heart diseases
* Having a stroke
* Increase in cancer rate: It increases the possibility of many cancers such as uterine, cervix, endometrium, ovarian, breast, colon, rectum, liver and prostate cancer.
* Problems with breathing; sleep apnea (shortness of breath during sleep)
Gall bladder problems
* Infertility and menstrual irregularity
* Erectile dysfunction (impotence)
* Fatty liver
* Osteoarthritis, joint degeneration

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