Eskişehir City Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Melek Yücel stated to the AA correspondent that the energy consumed by children who spend more time at home during the epidemic period and whose television and internet use increased.

Noting that the calorie intake of children increased as a result of the change in their eating habits during this period, Yücel continued as follows:

“The eating habits of children who spend long hours in front of the screen at home have also changed. Especially the consumption of ready-made food and junk food has increased. It is known that there is an increase in the consumption of fast food-style foods with high energy and sugar content, which provide instant pleasure. During the epidemic of 19, stress, fear, and anxiety are a risk factor for children to show emotional overeating tendency to overeat. Disruption in sleep patterns during the epidemic predisposes children to weight gain. . “

Yücel suggested that in order to increase the activity level of individuals during their stay at home in order to prevent obesity, domestic exercise recommendations organized by the World Health Organization should be made with children.

Advising parents about healthy nutrition for their children, Yücel said, “The consumption of packaged ready-made products and sugary drinks should not be allowed. High-calorie ready-made foods such as hamburgers and pizza should not be ordered, special attention should be paid to consuming pot meals at home. Sufficient water should be consumed.” said.

Dr. Melek Yücel emphasized that childhood obesity can lead to fatty liver, precocious puberty, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, gallstones, glucose intolerance and insulin resistance, balance disorder and orthopedic problems.

Explaining that obesity may also cause psycho-social and emotional effects, decreased self-esteem, decreased academic performance and quality of life, Yücel said, “Childhood obesity is a risk factor in terms of obesity in adulthood, but also lays the groundwork for chronic diseases. Considering the results, it is seen that the fight against obesity in childhood is very important. ” he spoke.

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