One way to combat obesity is obesity surgery. This type of surgery can reduce the size of your stomach, leading to rapid weight loss. Gastric sleeve surgery is usually performed by laparoscopy (closed surgery) method. It takes approximately 40-50 minutes under general anesthesia. However, when sleep and awakening are added, the duration of the patient in the operating room sometimes takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed to help you lose excess weight and reduce your risk of health problems related to life-threatening obesity-related diseases. It limits the amount of food you can consume and causes a hormonal change that helps patients lose weight and reduces the risk of other potentially life-threatening health problems.

80% of the stomach is removed, leaving a tube-shaped stomach about the size and shape of a banana. As the volume shrinks, the portions become smaller and rapid weight loss begins. Thanks to the surgery, we also remove the part of the stomach where the hunger hormone is produced. In this way, patients do not feel serious hunger. After the fundus part is cut, the appetite decreases and the patient eats less than before. As the stomach shrinks, patients feel full with smaller portions and lose weight thanks to the fewer calories they take. Since the stomach size will be up to 100-150 ml, patients feel less hungry and get full more quickly.

Losing weight after sleeve gastrectomy has been observed to be effective in healing concomitant diseases related to obesity. Many diseases associated with being overweight, such as sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, joint diseases, high blood pressure or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), will improve as a result of tube stomach surgery, and losing weight will also improve your heart health.

Gastric sleeve surgery will help you change daily routine activities and improve your quality of life. There are multiple surgical options for the treatment of morbid obesity. Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most commonly used methods.

It is possible to live freely by getting rid of obesity and returning to a healthy life by changing your life within a few months. Obesity interventions should not be considered as aesthetic surgeries that weaken the patient.

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