Dietician Hülya Çağatay gave information about the subject.

Include probiotics in your diet

Coronavirus positive patients should include probiotics in their diet. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that strengthen the immune system by regulating the balance of microbiota. They can include probiotics found in fermented foods such as milk, kefir and yogurt in their meals in order to recover the decreased immunity and to support your calcium-protein balance.

Pay attention to vitamins D and C

Vitamin D and C intake is very important for coronavirus-positive patients. You should definitely have your vitamin D and C levels checked, and vitamin supplements should be taken when your physician needs it. Red peppers, broccoli, green peppers, dark green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and citrus fruits are foods rich in vitamin C. However, it is beneficial not to take vitamin C above the daily requirement. It should be kept in mind that vitamin D intake is not provided with foods. However, egg yolks, milk, mushrooms, yogurt, and kefir are foods that contain vitamin D.

Do not forget about water consumption

Coronavirus positive patients should not skip fluid intake. In this process where the immune system falls, water consumption should not be forgotten in order to remove toxins from the body. In addition, in this disease, which also reaches the lungs, at least 2-2.5 liters of water should be consumed per day in order for the lungs to retain moisture.

Include all nutrients in your meals

Coronavirus positive patients should include all nutrients in their diet. A balanced diet combining meat group, milk and dairy product group, fruits and vegetables, legumes, grains and oilseeds is very important for their immunity. Fish consumption should be included 2 days a week. During the weight loss process, people who test positive for corona virus should abandon diets with very low calories, restrictive and missing nutrients. During this period, balanced and healthy diets should be applied.

Do not consume these foods

Coronavirus positive patients should not consume sugar, sugary foods and drinks that rapidly increase blood sugar while feeding. The biggest mistake to be made during this period is to consume empty carbohydrate sources. That’s why they should prefer whole grain instead of white bread. It should not be added to pastries, processed meat products, fast food, foods containing excessive salt, alcohol and cigarette diets. It should not be forgotten that viruses or harmful tumors feed on sugar, they hold on to their environment and spread thanks to sugar.

Eat seasonally

While consuming fruits and vegetables, be sure to buy them according to the season. Consuming additive-free and natural products is very important in this process.

Include herbal teas in your snacks

It can be consumed in snacks by adding turmeric, ginger and lemon to herbal teas such as linden and sage to improve throat infection.

Take care to sleep with a quality sleep

Take care to get an average of 8 hours of quality sleep per day. The coronavirus likes fatigue and lowered immune system the most. The time allocated for sleep should be increased so that there is no physical fatigue and the body and mind can be well rested.

Increase your serotonin level

Corona virus-positive patients should consume foods with high serotonin content in order to feel more positive and to increase their happiness hormone levels. Bananas, plums, pineapple, nuts, milk and dairy products, turkey, spinach and egg should be added to their diet. Studies show that individuals with low fish consumption and omega-3 fatty acid intake are at a higher risk of depression. For this reason, fish and omega-3 consumption is of great importance in this process in which corona virus positive patients are locked at home.

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