“The problem with chips and bakery products is that they are often filled with sugar, salt and oil,” said Nutrition and Diet Specialist Özden Örkcü, “Keep a healthy snack with you to work. You can pull 10-12 peanuts out of the robot, get a natural peanut butter and eat it with a slice of apple. Or you can get mini healthy snack sandwiches by placing walnuts between dried apricots or dates. These recipes are also perfect for your sweet cravings ”.

Özden Örkcü said, “Foods with high fiber content can help your liver function optimally. Try oatmeal to start the day in a great way. “Research says one of the ways to avoid liver diseases is to shed some extra pounds and belly fat.”

Stating that french fries and hamburgers are among the foods that threaten liver health, Örkcü said, “Eating too much foods with high saturated fat can make it difficult for your liver to do its job. Over time, it can cause inflammation that can lead to scarring in the liver, known as cirrhosis. ” said.

Expressing that consuming too much sweets can damage the liver, Özden Örkcü said, “Because part of the liver’s job is to convert sugar into fat. If you overdo it, your liver will make too much fat. In the long run, you may experience a condition such as fatty liver disease. ” said.

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Özden Örkcü said, “One of the best things you can do for your liver is to maintain your healthy weight. Get into the habit of drinking water instead of sugary drinks such as sodas or sports drinks. You will be surprised how many calories you will gain every day, ”he listed his suggestions as follows:

Your body needs some salt; however, research suggests that a diet high in sodium can lead to fibrosis, the first stage of liver scarring. There are some easy things you can do to cut salt. Avoid processed foods such as bacon or deli. Choose fresh instead of canned vegetables.

If you can’t spend your day without coffee, you’ll be happy to hear that it could have some benefits for your liver. Studies show that drinking two to three cups of coffee a day can protect your liver from damage caused by too much alcohol or an unhealthy diet. Some research suggests that coffee may reduce the risk of liver cancer.

Green tea is full of a type of antioxidant called ‘catechin’. Studies suggest that green tea may protect against some types of cancer, including liver. If you make tea yourself and drink it hot, you will get more catechin. Iced tea and ready-to-drink green teas have much lower levels.

Nuts are a good source of vitamin E. Studies suggest that nuts may help protect against diseases related to fatty liver. Almonds are also good for your heart, so the next time you feel the urge to snack, take enough not to exceed a daily palm. Or try it by adding salads as a nice flavor.

Green leafy greens are a powerful antioxidant called ‘glutathione’, which keeps your liver functioning properly. While it makes a great base for dinner salad, its sauteed with garlic and olive oil is delicious.

It helps protect against nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases called ‘polyphenols’, which often go hand in hand with obesity and high cholesterol. Other foods rich in polyphenols include dark chocolate, olives, and plums.

All green and yellow vegetables especially; Artichoke (The Silymarin substance contained in it prevents the cells from being damaged. The fiber, magnesium, folate and vitamin C it contains are reported to be beneficial in preventing the development of cancer as well as liver diseases), pumpkin, Brussels sprouts (broccoli), cabbage, cauliflower, celery, garlic, Parsley, basil, carrot, mint, onion, blackberry, anise, sage, linden, chamomile (with diuretic effect) and all fruits such as fresh and raisins, fresh and dried figs, apples, oranges, citrus, lemons and poor in oil, low cholesterol Foods with a lot of fiber are very beneficial to the liver as well as the whole body.

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), a herb that supports the digestive system, helps to remove harmful toxins that accumulate in the liver by increasing bile production. At the same time, the herb’s anti-inflammatory properties can help treat inflammations that cause liver damage. Among other benefits of dandelion tea; It is shown to protect blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, be diuretic and antioxidant. “

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