Düzce University Faculty of Medicine Department of Internal Diseases Dr. Lecturer Attila Önmez stated in his statement that diet and physical activity constitute the basis of treatment in diabetes.

Referring to the fact that holidays are among the special days when eating habits inevitably change, Önmez said:

“However, we have to avoid crowds in these days when we are going through the quarantine process. We know that diabetic patients are negatively affected by the quarantine process. Restriction of movement, distress and stress cause many of our patients to eat more food and take unnecessary calorie snacks. As a result, our patients gain weight and blood. The sugar level increases and glycemic parameters deteriorate, and studies have clearly shown that Kovid-19 infection is more severe and fatal in patients with diabetes or obesity.

More attention should be paid to the eating habits that need to be paid attention to every holiday, this holiday. Must not interrupt meals and treatment hours, do not forget about snacks, drink sufficient amount of water, and monitor blood sugar frequently. It should be as active as possible in the house, if possible, it should be exercised. “

Pointing out that a small amount of sweets can cause abnormal fluctuations in blood sugar of diabetic patients, Önmez advised to stay away from heavy meals and desserts at the feast tables.

Noting that diabetic patients who neglect their follow-up experience an increase in diseases such as heart diseases, stroke, vision loss and diabetic foot wounds, Önmez said, “In addition, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, blurred consciousness, breathing with increasing depth and frequency in some patients with blood sugar of 600 and above. If they have such complaints, it means that you are experiencing one of the sudden complications of diabetes, it is necessary to apply to the emergency service. Hospitals continue to serve. I recommend that our patients do not disrupt their controls. ” used the expressions.

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