Stating that Multiple Sclerosis, ie MS disease, especially affects young adults between 20-40, Assoc. Dr. Emin Özcan said, “At the beginning, there are usually eye-related complaints. Complaints such as loss of vision and blurred vision are seen in one eye. There may be difficulty in walking and imbalance. Especially if there is painful vision loss or blurred vision in one eye, after applying to an ophthalmologist, physicians will direct the patient to neurology physicians. However, MS attacks can sometimes heal spontaneously without sequelae. If patients experience such a complaint, they should definitely consult a neurologist, even if this complaint is completely gone.” said.


Explaining that one of the most important complaints affecting the quality of life in MS disease is fatigue and severe exhaustion, Assoc. Dr. Emin Özcan said, “Imbalance and walking difficulties also cause loss of quality of life in patients. We can minimize these with physical therapy and appropriate medical treatments, lifestyle changes, yoga and meditation, especially regular walking and exercise.”


Emphasizing the importance of walking for 30 minutes every day for patients, Assoc. Dr. Özcan said, “Depression is seen in a large part of MS patients. Depression already tends to be common as a burden of chronic disease, and MS itself also paves the way for depression, so regular exercise, quality sleep and, if necessary, psychiatric support may be required to cope with depression. We especially recommend a rhythmic, uninterrupted daily walk of at least 30 minutes for our patients.

Speaking about the coronavirus vaccines, Özcan said, “MS patients have been given the right to be vaccinated. The MS working group has published a report that the coronavirus vaccines currently in use can be made with the approval of the neurologist who follows the patients. We have data showing that the currently applied vaccines have a negative effect on the course of MS disease. does not exist,” he said.

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