It is warned that hearing problems that people of all ages may encounter can trigger many psychological disorders. It is pointed out that hearing loss, which is noticed late, may also pave the way for diseases such as Alzheimer’s in the future.

May Hearing Aids Education Officer, Audiologist Seda Başkurt, said that due to the damage to the hair cells in the inner ear, hearing loss can cause perception problems. Başkurt said, “Hearing loss causes anxiety disorder, psychological deformation, feeling of loneliness and low perception in people. Depending on the degree of hearing loss, the problems you will experience vary, but even a horn sound that you do not hear while crossing the street can be a bad start of great negativity.

Individuals with hearing loss who cannot be understood in communication may experience social isolation and enter into an aggressive and irritable mood. In addition, hearing loss that occurs at a young age affects language acquisition and school success, increasing the level of anxiety in both the child and the parents. For this reason, children with hearing loss and their parents may need psychological support, ”he said.

Explaining that hearing loss negatively affects the social life of individuals of all ages, Başkurt said, “It is important for the sustainability of work to hear every word, especially in people who have an active working life. Due to hearing loss in business life, individuals may be misunderstood or express themselves incorrectly. In this case, their job performance may decrease. People who are unhappy in their private and business life may engage in self-isolation behaviors, and anxiety levels and stress may increase because they are not understood. This situation will lead to low motivation and lack of self-confidence in the person over time.

Audiologist Seda Başkurt, who explained that hearing loss greatly harms human relations and that individuals can lead a more anxious, lonely and isolated life as a result of this situation, warned against late-recognized hearing disorders. Başkurt said, “Hearing loss occurs over time. For this reason, people realize their hearing loss late and do not want to accept it even if they are aware of hearing loss.

Hearing loss, which is seen and not noticed over time, can lead to Alzheimer’s in advanced age. As a result, it can cause depression by creating introversion and lack of self-confidence in the person. If you have observed that there are individuals around you who make you repeat conversations, listen to the television loudly or have a decrease in perception, you can recommend them to have a hearing test.

Stating that communication is of great importance in order not to adversely affect the psychological state of individuals with hearing loss, Seda Başkurt listed the treatment methods to be followed in such cases as follows:

“Hearing loss is a health problem you encounter at all ages and there are many treatment methods. With the use of cochlear implants and hearing aids in congenital hearing loss or subsequent hearing loss, the progression of hearing loss can be stopped and you can prevent perception declines. Hearing aids recommended for individuals with hearing loss increase their motivation by bringing a voice to the silent world of individuals, and mediate to solve the communication problems they experience with the society and which wear them down psychologically. For these reasons, individuals who use devices should also pay attention to the maintenance of their hearing aids.

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