Prof. Dr. Yuca warns that attention should be paid to bleeding from the arteries in particular:

“The richness of the vascular network in the entrance area of ​​the nasal structure is the most common cause of nasal bleeding. Due to the blows coming to this area, blowing, sneezing, nasal mixing, the vessels may be damaged and bleeding may occur. What should be taken into consideration; bleeding from the back of the nose. Although these bleedings are less common, they can cause more serious problems because they are usually caused by high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease. ”

Prof. Dr. Köksal Yuca explains the first response that needs to be done as follows:

“After tilting the patient’s head forward, pressure on the front of the nose for 5-10 minutes with the thumb and index finger helps to stop the bleeding. Then, ice can be applied to contract the vessels that bring blood to the nose. Ice should be applied by wrapping it in a cloth, not directly. It is also important to breathe deeply and slowly until the bleeding stops.

Sprays can also be used to prevent bleeding by causing the nasal vessels to contract. However, since simple bleeding can sometimes be the harbinger of very dangerous diseases, it can be very difficult to control the bleeding and urgent intervention may be required.

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