Child Health and Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Şirin Güven said in her statement that microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi living in the human body are called microbiota, and that microbiota is unique like fingerprints, as well as genetic characteristics, birth type, diet, environmental factors in early life and antibiotic use are important in the development of microbiota. He told me that it was.

Noting that nearly 100 trillion friendly bacteria living in the human body are important in staying healthy, Güven continued as follows:

“Modern lifestyle, extreme hygiene, Western eating habits, increased cesarean delivery, feeding with formula instead of breast milk, antibiotics can negatively affect our intestinal microbiota and change the ratio of friendly / harmful bacteria. These factors reduce the number and diversity of friendly bacteria, while the number of harmful bacteria As a result, the digestive system, immune system, hormones to your thoughts and emotions may cause problems affecting your whole body.You may need to restore the balance of our intestinal microbiota to prevent more serious health problems. Microbiota imbalance, especially in the first 3 years of life, asthma, allergies, obesity in the future. and increases the risk of diabetes. “

Güven, by conveying that friendly bacteria, that is, probiotics are living microorganisms that have beneficial effects on human health when taken in sufficient quantities, the non-digestible compounds that feed beneficial microorganisms are also called prebiotics, and the positive effects of probiotics are “protecting the integrity of the intestinal wall”, “preventing leaky gut syndrome”, ” He pointed out that it is seen in digestion and absorption “,” reducing the number of harmful bacteria “,” production of some vitamins “,” development and support of the immune system “,” regulation of emotions and behaviors “.

“Breast milk is a miraculous probiotic containing many friendly bacteria”

Prof. Dr. Şirin Güven explained the two types of bacteria known in the human body as “lactobacilli” and “bifidobacteria” and shared the following information:

“Babies largely ingest these beneficial microorganisms from the mother during normal birth. Unfortunately, babies born by cesarean cannot take these beneficial / friendly bacteria because they do not pass through the birth canal, and the risk of chronic diseases such as asthma, allergies, obesity is increased in these babies. Another factor that is as important as normal birth is the breastfeeding of the baby.In order to start a healthy life, all babies start breastfeeding immediately after birth, only breastfeeding is given for the first 6 months and breastfeeding with appropriate foods after the 6th month is continued until the age of 2 Breast milk containing many friendly bacteria is a miraculous probiotic. It also contains prebiotics that feed the bacteria. It also protects the baby from cancer and chronic diseases in the later period. If the cesarean section is unavoidable in case of medical necessity and the baby cannot breastfeed, babies can get 90-95 percent of the friendly bacteria. forming bifidoba they cannot take the customers. These babies can be given probiotic supplements in consultation with the physician. “

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