Ceyhan said, “This is not an acceptable situation in the vaccine. No serious side effects are acceptable in the vaccination because you do it to a healthy person.” Akova also stated that there are serious problems with access to vaccines in the world, “Therefore, the loss of such an easily produced vaccine that is too much on hand can cause serious difficulties in the fight against the pandemic. Therefore, both WHO and the European Medicines Agency think that the balance of benefits outweighs.” said.

Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Head of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Department. Dr. Mehmet Ceyhan and Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Department faculty member Prof. Dr. Murat Akova evaluated DHA’s proposal to suspend the use of the coronavirus vaccine produced by AstraZeneca in 23 countries on suspicion of causing blood clotting worldwide, and to continue using the WHO vaccine, stating that the benefits of the vaccine are more than its harms. Saying that the vaccine is different from the drug because it is applied to a healthy and large number of people, Ceyhan said, “In such applications, the events that occur due to non-vaccine reasons attract attention to people who are vaccinated. In such a case, you have to suspend the vaccination applications until you are sure.”


Prof. Dr. Regarding the statement made by the WHO regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine, Ceyhan made a statement saying, “Use it rather than the benefit.” This is not an acceptable situation in the vaccine. No serious side effects are acceptable in the vaccine, since you do it to millions of healthy people. Therefore, it is necessary to be absolutely sure.In the first evaluations, it was seen that especially this intravascular coagulation event is more than the number that is thought to be due to the vaccine. and it is more common in the age group where the vaccine is given. You have to support this with autopsies for the deceased and studies on the presence and absence of the diseases that cause it. As a rule, vaccination studies are suspended until these are supported, “he said.


Prof. Dr. Stating that he does not think that coagulation may be related to the vaccine, Ceyhan said, “Vector vaccines similar to AstraZeneca vaccine are used, no similar situation has been observed. The vaccine has become the second most used vaccine although it was introduced late. There were problems with the effectiveness of AstraZeneca. Very different results report. “It seems that its efficacy is somewhat lower than mRNA vaccines, but many countries have received it from it, as it can prevent particularly severe disease, as in other vaccines,” he said.


Prof. Dr. Stating that this vaccination continues in England, Murat Akova said, “So far, about 17 million doses of this vaccine were made and 11 million doses of this vaccine was made in England. In many countries of the world, there is actually this vaccine. But the coagulation and bleeding side effects. The main thing here is that 1.6 million doses have been administered in Germany so far, and within this 1.6 million doses, a very rare disorder has emerged, which we call coagulation in the brain veins. They say that this condition is 4-5 times higher than normal after vaccination. But there is no consensus on this issue. Experts in England say that this figure is acceptable. but still this situation needs to be evaluated.This is of course a serious situation. i have died and these are usually people under the age of 50. When it comes to such a death in young people, they try to understand what the situation is in the countries. “Some more data needs to be collected,” he said.


Stating that AstraZeneca is a vaccine that has around 80 percent efficiency, can be produced easily and can be stored at normal refrigerator temperature, Prof. Akova noted the following:

“There was a problem in the first study of this vaccine. When it was administered with an interval of 21 days and if you administered the 2 vaccines as a full dose, the efficiency of the vaccine was found to be about 50 percent low. And it is not the human adenovirus that causes a harmless infection, but the use of chimpanzee adenovirus as a carrier. Therefore, the dose range of this vaccine has now opened in England and is given 3 months apart. On the other hand, there are serious difficulties in accessing vaccines in the world, so the loss of such an easily produced and too much vaccine can cause serious difficulties in the fight against the pandemic. thinks his balance outweighs. “

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