The signs of aging on the face are among the main reasons for the tendency to aesthetic operations. According to the data of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), facelift surgeries are in the second place after rhinoplasty among the most demanded aesthetic surgeries in 2020 with 69 percent. Experts, on the other hand, draw attention to the fact that the appearance obtained by surgery is far from natural in the long term. Dermatology Specialist, who said that the signs of aging in the face area, especially wrinkles, can be eliminated without going under the knife with personalized botox applications. Hande National says, “The loss of elasticity and collagen in the skin or mimic lines are the causes of wrinkle formation. Muscles contracting involuntarily for years damage the collagen tissue and mimic lines turn into settled wrinkles. At this point, wrinkle treatments aimed at eliminating skin losses provide both natural and healthy results, ”he said.

FILLER MATERIALS ARE USED FOR drooping and sunken areas

Sharing the methods used in wrinkle treatment, Dr. Ulusal said, “With the advancing age, we see that sagging and collapsing occur especially in some parts of the face area. Fillers are applied to the drooping and sunken temples, cheeks and chin areas, making it easier to increase the production of elastin and collagen in the skin and to achieve a lively, bright and smooth skin appearance. In addition, Salmon DNA vaccine, which consists of polynucleotides obtained from salmon and provides skin renewal and restructuring, and facial mesotherapy, which provides the skin’s vitamin and mineral needs, corrects the impaired blood circulation and replaces the reduced support tissues, are among other effective applications.


He said that one of the main reasons why the skin loses its vitality is the decrease in fibroblast (basic cells of connective tissue) cells, also known as fibrocells, which are the key to healing and regeneration in the skin. Dr. National provided the following information on the Fibroblast treatment known as a non-surgical facelift:

“This treatment is a method frequently used in facial rejuvenation and facial rejuvenation applications and is also effective in removing blemishes on the skin. The application is based on the separation and reproduction of the fibroblasts in the person’s own tissue and the blood taken from the person in the laboratory environment and injecting them into the skin with a small piece of skin taken from behind the ear with the local anesthesia method. Thus, one’s natural beauty can be easily restored by natural means.


Stating that the preventive botox application, which protects the aging skin, is also frequently preferred recently, Dr. National said, “Botox applications started at an early age provide a great advantage in the treatments for the prevention of wrinkles. Thanks to the botox applications that started in the 20s, precautions are taken before the wrinkles are present on the skin and the face is protected as smooth. Because it does not have symptoms, minimal doses are applied to restrict the movements of the facial muscles, which they frequently use and cause wrinkles.


Dr. Hande National stated that a holistic approach should be adopted to eliminate the factors that trigger aging in order for skin rejuvenation to be permanent for a long time:

“The patient’s tissue quality determines the filling procedure to be performed on the patient. Getting the healthiest result from filling applications depends not only on the procedure for the problem expressed by the patient, but also on determining what is at the root of the problem and providing the necessary support. So it is necessary to adopt a holistic approach. With the Magic Touch method, which we have developed in this context and which we call Magic Touch, we adopt two different approaches: Princess Touch for under 45s and Queen Touch for over 45s. We determine what the skin needs, and we create a patient-specific combination of applications that will improve the skin quality rather than covering the patient’s flaws. Thus, we ensure that the rejuvenation of the skin is permanent for a long time by eliminating the factors that trigger it, not the problem.

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