Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin says that exercise is our lifeline in the fight against Covid, as in most diseases.

We knew that exercise prevented many diseases, especially cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, stroke, alzheimer, and cancer, and had a positive effect on healing processes. After meeting the Covid-19 pandemic, we looked for solutions to prevent the disease and to overcome with mild symptoms as much as possible in case of infection.

Stating that the researches and studies carried out have produced very pleasing results, Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin heralds the discovery that exercise has a protective role in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Those who exercise regularly survive hospitalization and without the need for intensive care.

Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin, according to a study on 50,000 people, regular exercise seriously improves the course of the disease. Individuals who exercise regularly are less hospitalized and do not need intensive care than those who do not do it at all, he says.

As the amount of exercise increases, the severity of the disease decreases.

Stating that the critical threshold for regular exercise is 150 minutes per week, Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin says that 30 minutes of exercise, 5 days a week, continues to be beneficial regardless of underlying diseases, obesity and cigarette consumption.

Brisk walking reduces the risk of death from Covid-19 4 times.

According to another study, Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Keskin, “According to a study done on 400,000 adults in England, we found that brisk walkers reduced the risk of death from this disease 4 times compared to those who walk at slow speed. says.


1. Exercises positively affect the hormonal balance in our brain. It protects our mental health by increasing the amount of serotonin and endorphins. It enables us to cope with stress more easily by providing happiness and peace.

2. Good sleep is the foundation of our health. Sleep quality of individuals who exercise is increasing. A regular and balanced sleep also protects us from many diseases.

3. Exercise relaxes our muscles, which stiffen at the time of stress, in our body. It prevents body aches that deepen anxiety, especially by strengthening the shoulder, neck and back muscles.

4. The heart functions of individuals who exercise regularly improve, prevent the hardening of the heart walls and the formation of relaxation disorders in the heart. It seriously slows down the hardening of the heart vessels, prevents the rupture of plaques that may form in the heart vessels over time, seriously reducing the risk of heart attack.

5. Regardless of the diet, with a good exercise program, it increases the amount of HDL, known as good cholesterol, and decreases the amount of LDL and triglycerides known as bad cholesterol. This change in blood fats is beneficial in protecting our heart, brain, eye, kidney and liver health.

6. Exercise strengthens our immune system by strengthening the antioxidant mechanisms in the body. A good workout is a more effective immune system booster than any supplement.

7. We protect our lungs, which we normally use at very low capacity, from many respiratory infections by providing better ventilation of the lower lobes, which have the highest oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange capacity, with exercise.

8. The risk of Covid-19 on obesity patients is much higher. With exercise, metabolic rate increases, insulin resistance decreases and weight loss becomes easier. The reduction of visceral adipose tissue around our organs with the weight lost protects us from many diseases, including Covid-19.

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