The incidence of allergies increases with the summer months. The most common causes of allergies during this period include sun, grass, pollen, mold fungi and bee stings. Experts warn that in addition to the substances that cause allergies, their components should also be determined. Pointing out that the new generation molecular allergy tests are of great importance, Dr. Fedakar Günsili said, “The molecular allergy test, which looks at about 300 allergic substances and components in the blood, detects true allergies by eliminating false reactions, unlike standard tests. In this way, it reveals the allergy map of the person and allows the allergy vaccine to be made based on the component.”


Stating that allergy vaccines prepared based on the results of component-based allergy tests, Dr. Günsili said, “Molecular allergy test is a new generation method that can detect the allergy level of our body against various allergens such as food, pollen, house dust mite or bee that cause allergy from blood, and also shows the allergic structure of the body, which we call total IgE. It also determines the level of allergy to the components of allergic substances. In this way, it is possible to prepare a stronger allergy vaccine with fewer substances.


Touching on the usage areas of the test, Dr. Fedakar Günsili said, “Molecular allergy testing can be applied to anyone with suspected allergy to reveal allergies more comprehensively. It is also used in the detection of rare allergies in children and adults whose allergies are not detected in standard allergy tests and the cause of the allergy cannot be found. It is effective in revealing true allergies by excluding false reactions in those who have a large number of allergies in skin test or standard blood tests. In addition, molecular allergy testing can be performed in children with food allergies to determine the duration of the allergy and to understand whether they are sensitive to baking, and to determine the cause in children and adults who have allergic shock.

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