It is easier to achieve the ideal appearance with improved methods.

Women often complain about having small breasts from birth or shrinking breasts that have lost volume with child and weight loss. Breasts that lose their volume and shrink over time can also cause asymmetrical breast problems. Breast enlargement methods used today are personal and provide a more natural and healthier appearance.

Personal implants provide a natural appearance

Implants to be used in breast augmentation surgeries are placed behind the milk glands. Since silicone is close to the natural breast structure, patients generally prefer silicone implants. The implant shape is a matter that the patient and the doctor should decide together. Implants that are not suitable for the person can cause health problems, so the implant shape should be decided considering the person’s height, weight, and the width of the rib cage.

Another important point is how the implant will be placed. Correct placement of the implant is important to hide the incision scars. It is generally preferred to make incisions under the breast, nipple and armpit.

Recently, natural looking aesthetics have started to be preferred. Frequently applied methods are;

Composite techniques: Implants can become visible from the outside when there is not enough breast tissue. The patient is not satisfied with the result and repeat action may be required. In these and similar cases, after the selected implant is placed, retouching is performed using micro and nano oil injection technologies.

Composite breast augmentation is a preferred method for patients who do not have enough breast tissue for the operation, have breast asymmetry, chest deformities or very low weight. With this technique, breast implant lines are hidden, and the breasts have more natural curves. It is a natural method as the fat cells taken from the patient’s body are injected into the determined areas. Thanks to this method, the patient has permanent, natural looking breasts.

The healing process is very easy in breast augmentation surgeries performed with these methods. A controlled rest is required for 1 week, after 1 week the person can return to work and daily life.

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