Stating that nail biting disease is of psychological origin, Dr. Lecturer İpek Ada Alver said, “The stress and future anxiety caused by the pandemic lead to an increase in psychological involuntary tactile diseases such as nail biting, playing with wounds and pimples, scratching, hair and eyelash plucking. These behaviors not only affect psychology, but also increase the risk of developing infectious diseases. When hands are taken to the mouth, face and nose without washing or when nails are eaten, virus particles that pass between the fingers and nails can enter the cell and multiply and infect the person. This increases the likelihood of getting coronavirus, ”he said.


Stating that nail biting disease not only increases the risk of covid-19 infection, but also causes parasite formation in the intestines, İpek Ada Alver said:

“Organic residues, dirt, food residues, bacteria, viruses, parasites and microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and unwanted products can pass into the cell by oral absorption and mix with the blood with reabsorption and many tissues, especially liver, heart, kidney and brain. and it can systemically infect the whole body by migrating to the organ. Not washing hands, not disinfecting and not paying attention to toilet hygiene can cause many infectious diseases, especially parasitic diseases, that reduce the immune system and require long-lasting treatments. “


Noting that nail biting disease should be evaluated multidisciplinary by psychology and infectious diseases specialists, İpek Ada Alver warned that “while getting psychological support from a specialist, the necessary examinations should be performed in terms of infection and the type of microorganisms should be determined and your treatment should be started”. Alver requires keeping nails short, washing hands regularly, raising awareness about hand hygiene and providing trainings.

In addition to nail biting disease, prosthetic nails and long nails are also effective in contaminating microorganisms. Long and prosthetic nails are very suitable environments for the growth and survival of microorganisms. Keeping the nails long, wearing prosthetic nails, not regenerating the nail polish that comes out cause them to turn into a nest of microorganisms. This situation leads to the spread of various infectious diseases, especially covid-19, ”he said.

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