Ankara City Hospital Maternity Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Özlem Moraloğlu Tekin stated that since the beginning of the pandemic, Ankara City Hospital and Maternity Hospital have contributed to pregnant women and expectant mothers with Covid-19. Tekin said, “From the first day of the pandemic, we have given birth to approximately 800 of our 1,500 mothers with suspected coronavirus. We are still following our positive mothers in our special service for Covid-19. As of today, we have 15 pregnant women or mothers who have given birth. Ankara City Hospital has a large Since it is a campus, the intensive care units reserved for Covid-19 are available in other towers.The number of pregnant women we sent to the intensive care units in those towers is 8. Unfortunately, when we look from March last year to March this year, a total of 5 mothers who gave birth or during pregnancy lost their lives in Covid-19. – She lost her due to the -19. But this year, 5 maternal deaths took place in only 2 months since March. We attributed this to a mutation a little bit. Because this mutation is more severe and therefore there has been an increase in the number of mothers who go to intensive care. We keep our pregnant women and mothers tight as much as we can. We’re trying to follow up somehow,” he said.

‘Mother’s milk has protective antibodies’

Pointing out that babies should be protected very well during the birth of a mother with Covid-19, Tekin said:

“From the first day, we take care not to separate the mother we gave birth to and her babies. There are protective antibodies in breast milk. These strengthen the baby’s immune system. Again, Covid-19 antibodies were detected in the milk of mothers with Covid-19 after birth. We know that the mother we call vertical transmission from mother to baby. There is no passage in the womb. But you need to protect the baby very well during birth. Also, you need to take precautions during breastfeeding. We have prepared special videos and trainings for our mothers. Our training nurses also know how to breastfeed their babies by putting on their masks and paying attention to hand hygiene for our Covid-19 positive mothers who gave birth. “In this process, we also had babies whose mothers were in intensive care. We also made an innovative attempt to bring these babies and mothers together. Our breastfeeding nurses showed the mother their baby in the digital environment via the tablet we call the baby tablet.”

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