The mutated virus found in Turkey in recent years, now began to be seen in children and teenagers. The ‘MIS-C’ syndrome caused by the coronavirus can cause permanent discomfort in children. Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Distinguished Kurt, the first coronavirus outbreak in Turkey is thought to have affected the children, but noted that the second and third waves in most of the affected children between the ages 0-9. Dr. Kurt said that there is also an increase in ‘MIS-C’ syndrome, which develops after ‘Covid-19’, which children often go through without realizing it.


Dr. Güzide Kurt spoke as follows:

“We started to see that there were cases that were mild or more severe with no symptoms. In the second wave, what we saw especially in our country and in the world was; 15 days or at most 3 months after having Covid-19, a syndrome we call MIS-C in children, a series of diseases that involve many systems in the body entered the medical literature. We found that 15 days after the infection, severe abdominal pain, fever, rashes on the body, peeling of the hands, feet, palpitations and palpitations in more severe cases were found in children. It was found that this syndrome, which we call MIS-C, is more common in children, especially at the peak of fluctuations. With the third wave, it has been revealed that the variant virus is more severe in children and the rates of MIS-C in which the heart is involved increase, especially in the English variant, which affects children aged 0-9 more. MIS-C syndrome is a collection of inflammatory disorders that involve many systems in the body. It can lead to palpitations, heart rhythm disturbances, heart muscle inflammation, and heart failure, especially in children. ”


Stating that child deaths occurred due to the variant virus, Dr. Kurt continued as follows:

“Variant virus is not exactly an official figure in our country about its full effects, but when we look at the studies abroad, an increase of 123 percent between the ages of 0-9 was found in Sweden and it was seen that the majority of it was variant virus. Therefore, we need to be more careful. It was reported that 26 pediatric cases were hospitalized at the University. Unfortunately, 3 of these cases were lost. Subsequent figures were not fully reported. ‘

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