prof. Dr. In his written statement, Cengiz Köksal stated that regular, low-paced jogging or brisk walking for less than 45 minutes is heart-friendly.

Pointing out that cardiovascular patients with chronic diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes should listen to their body and act accordingly while doing sports, Köksal said, “For those suffering from heart, diabetes and blood pressure disease, sports should not be the first thing to do when they wake up. Those who want to dedicate themselves to sports and not get involved in crowds should know that the first 3 hours after waking up carries a risk and should schedule sports taking this into account. made its assessment.

prof. Dr. Emphasizing that especially diabetic patients doing sports before breakfast in the morning can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), he noted:

“Also, for those with high blood pressure, palpitations or heart disease, the right time to do sports may not be in the morning. In the first 3 hours after waking up, adrenaline, which is important for the body, is at its highest level. This elevation increases the heart rhythm and raises blood pressure. In addition, in the early hours. there is a greater risk of clots forming in the blood vessels.

The reason for this is that the activation of the system that we call the fibrinolytic system, which breaks down the clot, is at its lowest level in the morning. In the light of this information, it is possible to say that doing sports in the first 3 hours after waking up increases the risk of heart attack. I can recommend 1-2 hours of quality sleep and exercise during the day when they feel good, instead of morning sports, to those in the risk group.”

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