President of Allergy and Asthma Association Prof. Dr. In his written statement, Ahmet Akçay gave information about the correct mask selection, mask allergy and mask use in winter.

Pointing out that the most important issue to be considered in the use of masks in the winter months, especially in rainy and snowy weather, Akçay said:

“Moisturized or wet masks lose their protection completely. Masks are moistened by our breath during long-term use in dry weather. In addition to losing their protection, the moistened masks can cause eczema and hives due to contact. the mask should be changed at most every 3 hours. “

Akçay explained that the masks underwent a number of processes while producing them, and that some chemicals used during these processes could cause skin rash, itching and redness, especially in sensitive children with allergies.

Stating that TSE-approved surgical masks can be preferred to prevent mask allergy with low risk of contact allergies, which do not contain latex, paraben, nylon, chlorine, Akçay emphasized that it should be checked whether the preferred mask is registered in the Ministry of Health Product Tracking System.

Akçay stated that it would be beneficial to choose masks with Kovid-19 safe production certificate and TSE type 2 product approval, as well as masks containing meltblown in 3 layers for protection.

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