Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Ahmet Selim Hasözler made a statement about the MIS-C syndrome seen in children. Stating that the diagnosis of the disease can be made more easily in adults, Hasözler said, “We have difficulties in diagnosing in childhood.

It can approach children more asymptomatically. Children can survive with plain diarrhea. There may be fever. Although it is quiet in childhood, it is not an innocent disease. Occasionally, MIS-C syndrome may develop after 2-4 weeks, albeit rarely. This is an illness that must be taken seriously. Because it can be life-threatening. When family members have Covid-19, children are usually not tested or treated because they have no complaints.

It is beneficial for families to have them in mind. MIS-C should come to mind if there is redness in the eyes of children after 2-4 weeks, skin peeling, fever above 38 degrees and diarrhea, “he said.


Stating that the disease can pose a serious danger if not taken into account, Hasözler said:

“When children with MIS-C have cardiac involvement, heart attack-causing consequences can occur. This can lead to fatal consequences. When their platelets drop too low, it can cause bleeding.

With the increase of the liver enzyme, it can lead to liver failure. Because MIS-C syndrome is associated with multiple organs, it can affect organs in your body such as the kidney, heart, and liver.

It should not be said that ‘it does nothing to the child’ in coronavirus disease, which is silent about this very rare but fatal disease. Especially if family members have had coronavirus, I recommend that they go to the doctor if there are unpleasant situations in the child within 2-4 weeks.

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