What is edema? Why does it happen?

Although edema and swelling are more common especially in middle and advanced ages, it is a condition that everyone can experience for various reasons.

What is edema?

Edema is a health problem that causes swelling in the body of the person with excessive fluid accumulation in the tissues, mostly in the legs, arms, feet and hands.

It is caused by the accumulation of excess fluid leaking from the veins into the tissues.

What causes edema?

Sedentary life is one of the important factors that cause edema.
Stress can cause swelling and edema
Eating too much salty food
Premenstrual hormonal change
Sitting or lying in the same position for too long
high blood pressure medications,
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs,
A group of diabetes medications called thiazolidinediones
Unhealthy eating
Pregnancy is another factor that causes edema.
Some injuries cause edema
Edema can be caused by liver, kidney and heart diseases
The side effects of some drugs can cause edema.
Edema can also be caused by heart, kidney, or liver disease or be a side effect of a medication. Edema can also be peripheral, i.e. found in the ankles, feet, legs, arms, and hands. In addition, it may be central, that is, edema may occur in internal organs such as the lungs.

What should be done to avoid edema?

Edema brings with it important health problems in the long run. For this reason, people who are prone to edema should pay particular attention to certain issues;

Let’s look at the precautions to be taken before moving on to the methods that increase the edema

What to do to avoid edema

• The most common cause of edema, excluding diseases, is inactivity, so get up and start moving.

• Sleeping regularly and resting the body also protects our body against edema.

• Stress should be avoided as much as possible.

• Excess salt intake retains water in the body, so it would be the right decision for health to reduce salt intake and even remove table salt from our lives if possible.

• Drinking plenty of water is good for edema as well as a panacea.

• Consuming a cup of green tea a day prevents the body from holding edema.

What are the diseases that cause edema?

Edema may also indicate various systemic diseases. Here are the most common systemic diseases that cause edema:

Congestive heart failure
cirrhosis of the liver
kidney disease
kidney damage
Weakness or damage to leg veins
Damage to the lymphatic system
Severe, prolonged protein deficiency

What you need to do to avoid edema

People who have serious problems with edema and who have edema often need to change their life strategies.

Some suggestions for this

Limit processed food intake
Drink 2 and a half, 3 liters of plain or lemon water a day.
Take a warm shower, use the sauna and steam rooms.
Remove salt from your life
Consume very little carbohydrate products in your diet.
For herbal teas with added cinnamon and cloves.
Avoid sitting too much
lift your feet up
Consume plenty of green leafy vegetables every day.
Stay away from acidic, sugary, additive drinks.
Remove ready-made desserts from your food basket.
Do not use alcohol, caffeine and tobacco
Walk every hour
raise your arms
wear support stockings
Get antioxidants
Get a massage, get it done
Consume herbal teas

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