Dr. Mehmet Murat Seven said that the reduction of potassium and magnesium minerals in the body is among the most common causes of spasm and cramps. Seven, “Thanks to the rich minerals it contains, mineral waters significantly reduce the occurrence of injuries such as contractions and cramps when consumed before sports.

After an intense sports program, drinking natural mineral water also completes the mineral deficiency in the body and minimizes the symptoms of fatigue and fatigue after sports. In addition, injuries such as contractions and cramps that can be encountered frequently during sports can be minimized by consuming mineral water, “he said.


Emphasizing that mineral water consumption plays an important role not only in preventing injuries but also in maintaining the electrolyte balance of the body, Seven said:

“When the desire to drink water develops as a result of physical activities, our body loses about 1 percent of water. There is 70-75 percent of water in the human body and the loss of 10 percent of this body water is enough for a vital problem. Water lost after physical activity and sports. The replacement of minerals and minerals is very important for both body health and physical performance.

In addition to water, many minerals are also lost. Mineral water, which contains many minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, bicarbonate, is a healthy drink that helps to replace these lost minerals and to maintain the body’s electrolyte balance. That’s why I recommend athletes and those with cramps to drink at least two bottles of natural mineral water a day. Not all mineral waters have the same mineral value. My advice is to examine the label values ​​and prefer the one with high mineral value. “


Niyazi Ercan, one of the sector officials, stated that not every mineral water is the same, and the mineral types and values ​​it contains differ depending on the soil and rock structure of the region from which it comes out. Ercan said, “The taste of mineral waters is different because of the different minerals they contain. There are dozens of minerals beneficial for the human body, 3323.27 mg per liter of Beypazarı natural mineral water, especially calcium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonate, iron and silicate. They started to make their mineral water choices more consciously. Especially our consumers who do sports and exercise and who lead active lifestyles often prefer our mineral water to meet their mineral needs. Therefore, the demand for our mineral water by both professional athletes and individuals who do sports has increased significantly. has been, “he said.

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