Specialist Dr. Bengisu Ay warned for those who will enter the pool on vacation.

Stating that microbes in pool water can cause urinary tract infections, vagina infections, diarrhea, skin infections, external ear canal, eye and brain inflammation, Ay said, “Burning in the eyes, burning during urination, frequent urination, swelling and redness in the ear during or after the summer vacation. In cases such as diarrhea, fever and genital discharge, a doctor should be consulted. said.

Noting that despite the chlorine used to clean the pools, some resistant microorganisms prepare the ground for infections in humans, Ay noted that the pool waters create a favorable environment for microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses due to its stagnant nature.

Emphasizing that sick people with any ailments should definitely not enter the pool, Ay made the following assessment:

“A shower should be taken before and after entering the water. If women are going to use tampons, they should definitely change the tampon after they get out of the water. To protect from vaginal infections and urinary tract infections, they should not stay with wet swimwear, but swimsuits should be changed. Pools that are not sure about chlorination and water analysis should not be preferred. Chlorination “Microorganisms are killed with disinfection methods such as these.

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