Just as the human body is prone to different diseases in the spring period, it is also susceptible to mental problems. For example, with the arrival of spring, gastrointestinal complaints increase and asthma patients’ crises increase. Parallel to this, there are also differences in mental state. As is known, the spring period is a resurrection of nature. However, in these periods, many reasons such as the variability of the daily weather, the temperature differences between day and night, the hot day being cold and rainy on a hot day, the disappearance of seasonal transition periods in recent years, and global warming, affect the mental state.

What effect does the spring season have?

In the spring period, we are sometimes cheerful and sometimes sad. Autumn and winter months increase the tendency for depression in most people with seasonal depression. However, for some people, the spring period is a period of depression.

What are the symptoms of spring depression?

The daily changes of the spring month can be evaluated as experiencing daily summer and winter. This may cause the person to show short-term depressive symptoms. These cause symptoms such as difficulty getting out of bed, excessive sleepiness, not being able to leave during the day, feeling constantly tired, unwillingness, tension, morale, change in appetite, increased anxiety, excessive anxiety, irritability, attention problems, restlessness, loss of energy.

Can the spring term cause other mental illnesses?

Especially in Manic-Depressive patients, extreme situations such as excessive increase in joy, increase in money expenditure, excessive activity, irritability, talking a lot, excessive self-confidence, insomnia, increase in energy can be experienced during the spring periods. This is a problem that requires psychiatric treatment.

However, the spring period is more risky for anxious and obsessed people. The simplest; Difficulties in choosing clothes due to the variability of the weather during the day cause full suitcases if going on vacation. Excessive worry and anxiety, panic attacks may increase during this period.

Pay attention to these in order to cope with spring period mental illnesses:

1. Pay attention to health problems, diseases such as colds and flu in this period may affect you mentally as well.
2. Take time for yourself. In the daily hustle and bustle, one neglects himself, if you can get away from it a little, you will feel more comfortable. Spend time for areas of interest, especially outside of the work-home-school hustle and bustle.
3. Be sure to exercise. It will feel better to take short walks, especially in sunny weather.
4. Spend time with your relatives, friends and loved ones
5. If you can, visit interesting historical and touristic places in your city.
6. Stay away from negative newspaper and television news.
7. Wear more colorful clothes.
8. Take care of your daily care.
9. Eat light and liquid foods.
10. Pay attention to your sleep patterns.
11. Alcohol and smoking negatively affect mental state. Do not forget this.
12. Consume fresh vegetables and fruits

If there is no improvement despite what you have done, or if the symptoms are getting worse or lasting longer, be sure to consult a psychiatrist.

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