The jury is still out on whether the most important meal of the day is breakfast or lunch. But that’s no excuse to skip the first meal of the day. Pack it with lean protein and slow-burning carbohydrates for a fairly light yet nutritious meal – oats, fruit or poha are your best friends at this time of day. It will keep your hunger under control throughout the day. If you can fit in the extra 10 minutes, make yourself a lunch. This will ensure you don’t eat heavy calorie packs for your afternoon meal.

A GLASS OF Caffeine

If the morning alarm is making you giddy, the best way to be a friendlier person is to give your system a good shake with a cup of black coffee or tea (even green tea is great). They are full of antioxidants that keep your body looking young. There is research suggesting that a few cups of coffee or tea a day reduces your risk of dementia.


Simple Exercises you will do in the morning will open your mind, release endorphins and make your muscles look better.
Your skin will also begin to heal. Don’t forget to do a few push-ups and abs. They wake up your core muscles and keep your posture upright for the rest of the day. Yoga is also very beneficial for men.


You may not believe it, but women are more likely to be attracted to a man’s scent. And so, smelling great every day is like introducing your woman to a habit: you. Apply the same cologne every morning. Layer yourself by wearing an appropriate deodorant to help the scent last all day. And if the scent is mild, using a soap with the same flavor will help.


Yes, women may love an everyday beard, but let’s face it, not every man is George Clooney. Take your time for this little task. Even if you don’t want to shave, at least check for a few minutes in front of the mirror for hair coming out from under your nostrils or ears. Even Clooney can’t handle it.


Cleanse your pores: There’s a reason women have different products for facial skin and the rest of the body. Regular soap will strip you of essential oils you don’t want on your face. Invest in a facial cleanser with exfoliant. Use this to scrub your face thoroughly, preferably with cold water, while in the shower. You will notice clearer, fresher skin within a month.

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