A study conducted in the UK found that men over the age of 50 had a 60 percent higher risk of premature death than women of the same age.

Scientists from England investigated the effects of factors such as socio-economic status, lifestyle, health and marital status on the mortality rate of women and men aged 50 and over in their studies, the results of which were published in the journal “Canadian Medical Association Journal”.

Scientists from King’s College and Newcastle University in London interviewed 179,44 people aged 50 and over in 28 countries, more than half of whom were women.

In the study, which stated that smoking and heart diseases were also partially effective in the risk of death, it was found that the risk of early death in men was 60 percent higher than that of women.

Wu Yu-tzu from King’s College stated that different cultures, traditions, historical backgrounds, economic and social developments can affect the lives of men and women and therefore their health.

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