Trakya University (TÜ) Faculty of Medicine Physiology Department Head Prof. Dr. Levent Öztürk stated that sleep health is one of the most important elements of a quality and healthy life in an online panel on sleep health.

Drawing attention to the importance of getting biologically needed sleep in terms of health, Öztürk stated that sleep should be in a dark and comfortable environment at night.

Stating that the sleep pattern has a unique development from the mother’s womb, Öztürk noted the following:

“Another characteristic of sleep in newborns, especially babies between 0-1 years old is that it is polyphasic. Newborns sleep 15-16 hours a day and this sleep is divided into parts. That is, they sleep, wake up, feed and then sleep again. Night sleep is like a nap in the evening.

“Daytime sleep disrupts night sleep”

Öztürk stated that afternoon sleep is observed worldwide, especially in countries with warm climates.

Emphasizing that daytime sleep postpones the night’s sleep and disrupts the sleep pattern, Öztürk said:

“When we sleep for an hour during the day, our time to fall asleep at night is pushed further. If we normally go to bed and sleep at 12 o’clock, we do not sleep at 12 o’clock when we go to sleep. In this case, sleep patterns may be disturbed.

Confectionery is not generally recommended. It can be recommended in certain situations. For example, if the person is sleepless in the evening and is going to drive during the day, it is a positive thing to take a nap beforehand. It is valuable as something that will keep you from falling asleep behind the wheel. But there is no suggestion that everyone should sleep for an hour every afternoon. It is recommended that naps do not exceed 40 minutes of sleep. Of course, the ideal is to sleep in the evening. “

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