In the TikTok application, which has more than one billion active users, the trend popularized among young people, such as piercing super magnetic balls placed in their tongues, caught the attention of the NHS in the UK.

An emergency warning from the NHS said the supermagnetic balls could puncture the gut or blood vessels if accidentally ingested. “If multiple ‘super strong’ magnets are swallowed, or if the magnets are swallowed with a metal object, they can be strongly attracted to each other from different parts of the intestines. This compression of intestinal tissue can cause necrosis (tissue death), perforation of the intestine or blood vessels within hours. Urgent assessment and treatment is vital.


On the other hand, a written statement from the NHS called for the banning of the magnetic balls in question. In a written statement, it was stated that at least 65 children were hospitalized due to magnetic balls. “These tiny magnetic balls are commonly sold as toys and have recently been used as fake tongue piercings by teens on TikTok. The NHS has issued a patient safety alert after at least 65 children were hospitalized for emergency surgery in the past three years after swallowing the magnets,” the statement said. it was said.

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