We are all exposed to bacteria and viruses that stress our body and defense system. When our body is in optimal health, our immune system can eliminate viruses that produce symptoms and disease after reducing the number of viruses to a defensible level.

On the other hand, when your body’s defenses are exhausted and weak, a viral attack not only produces viral symptoms but also causes other organs in the body to malfunction. This will have a profound effect on your health. A weakened organ must now provide additional defensive functions while still performing normal functions while our body is under attack by a virus.

Low Immune System, More Inflammation;

The immune challenge of the common cold or allergy leaves a visible effect in the mouth. When their immune systems are depleted, normal bacteria in the mouth can have a greater harmful effect on tissues in the mouth. We know that this is manifested by increased inflammation in the mouth, increased gum pockets around the teeth, increased bleeding and swelling. This occurs due to the weakening of the body’s defenses.

When conditions are normal, the body can cope with the toxic effects of bacteria. When you have a disease, the body directs its defense mechanisms to that diseased area, and suddenly deep pockets and bleeding occur around the teeth and gums. It means that if you support your oral health with regular dental visits to clear infections and prevent them, your body will have more resources to deal with more serious acute problems such as the Coronavirus.

Every gum infection or dental abscess drains the immune resources and prevents the body from defending itself against the attacks of viruses. The more defense system resources you have, the less impact any bacterial or viral infection will have on your body.

This is one of the reasons why older patients have a higher mortality rate with the flu or Coronavirus. Body systems are exhausted, and as a result, they cannot provide the same defense against the immune system of a younger, healthier person.

Of course, we can repair this deficiency in the immune system with dental cleaning and treatment of any infection or abscess, to some extent, with fluid intake, exercise, and a nutritious diet.

In a dental infection, the amount of white blood immune cells required for the defense system to attack the pathogens that make up this infection is important. These resources are best applied to prevent a viral attack and avoid the ill effects of a viral attack. Oral and general health problems that accumulate in the body reduce these sources of defense cells. Many general health problems have intraoral findings, so when you go to the dentist regularly, these problems can be detected early.

Early signs of more serious medical problems may also be detected during your dental visit. These patients are referred to medical doctors for evaluation and treatment. A routine blood pressure measurement before the procedure can reveal signs of heart disease. After seeing the dentist, many patients have had the opportunity to control hypertension (high blood pressure) at a very early treatable stage in health institutions where they are referred. Again, early symptoms of diabetes can be detected in the mouth and can be treated in the early period. Oral findings of many systemic disorders such as these can be detected at an early stage.

For this reason, routine dentist checks will protect you against viral diseases that directly target your immune system, such as Corona virus, by detecting and eliminating the diseases that will risk both your oral and general body health in advance, keeping your immune system at a high level.

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