Droopy eyelid is a serious problem that negatively affects the quality of life of people. It is a condition that affects almost 5 percent of the population in general and is frequently encountered in older ages.

There are more than one cause of droopy eyelid. One of these reasons is; It is the weakness of the eyelid muscles with the advancement of age. With the advancement of age, the muscles that lift the eyelids and keep them open lose their strength. The weakened eyelid muscles fall heavily due to gravity. In some cases, this disease may be congenital. It can be seen in childhood as a result of underdevelopment of the muscles that open the eyelid during the development process in the mother’s womb.

In some cases, droopy eyelid occurs in one eye, while in some cases it can be seen in both eyes. In cases where sagging is not noticed, the eyelid may go down to the pupil.

Low eyelid is a disease that is noticed late

Low eyelid is a difficult disease to notice in the early period. The reason for this is that the brain understands the problem and tries to lift the eyelid. Early diagnosis is easier for people who read and write books frequently because they consult a specialist with the complaint of eye weight. In this way, early diagnosis can be made.

Possible treatment with surgical methods

Falling eyelid treatment is surgical methods. The procedure is performed by opening small incisions under general anesthesia. Thanks to these incisions opened, the dropped eyelid is lifted up and the problem is solved. The patient is discharged after the necessary controls are made after the 1-hour procedure. On the 10th day after the operation, stitches are removed and the treatment process is completed.

Two different methods can be applied according to the progression of ptosis experienced by people. This method is the stretching method.

Stretching method; can be applied permanently. It is suitable for young and middle-aged people. This process takes an average of 1.5 hours.

The methods to be applied according to the needs of the person must be applied by specialist physicians. Wrong transactions can lead to results that are difficult to reverse.

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