“People forget the awareness of this perfect feature they have, sometimes they can cause hearing loss or loss when they are not in their hands or sometimes when they do not pay attention to individual or environmental factors,” said Otolaryngologist Assoc. Dr. Ali Titiz said, “The World Hearing Day is a protective event handled on March 3. Today’s aim is to raise awareness on ear and hearing health worldwide and to raise awareness of the society on this issue.

The World Health Organization reports that 60% of the factors that cause hearing loss are preventable. From this point of view, determining the presence of hearing loss in the early period and protection from external effects that will cause hearing loss constitute the most important basic step in solving this problem ”.

The importance of early detection

While congenital or disease-related hearing loss is at the forefront in childhood; Ali Titiz stated that the noise exposed to working life can cause hearing problems in the adult age group, “From this point of view, early diagnosis of hearing loss is of great importance. The evaluation of our hearing and speech function, which is completed to a great extent especially in the first 2 years of age, and the determination and intervention of hearing loss in this period, ensures that the child is not a hearing and speech impaired individual and is brought into the society as a normal individual. With the “neonatal hearing screening program”, which has been widely and successfully implemented in our country in recent years, this problem can be determined by advanced audiological tests in the newborn period, and hearing correction can be achieved with conventional hearing aids or advanced cochlear implants in individuals with problems.

Reduce noise with the use of headphones

Stating that exposure to sounds and noise in industrial societies can cause serious damage to the ear, Ali Titiz said that employees may experience complete or almost complete hearing loss due to exposure to noise. Stating that the intensity of the noise and the duration of exposure are determinant in the development of hearing loss, Titiz said, “We can reduce or remove almost complete noise both in daily life and in working environments. For this purpose, controlling and isolation of noise sources, use of headphones and ensuring rotational working order in the working environment constitute the most important protective factors in terms of hearing health of individuals ”.

Hearing problem affects social life

“Reducing the noise in the working environment or protecting the employees from noise will positively affect work efficiency,” Ali Titiz said: “A good sound environment requires a preventive, stable and long-term approach against noise injuries. Whether children or adults, the development of hearing loss can partially or completely isolate individuals from their environment. For this reason, our hearing and speech function forms the basis of a healthy communication in society. Considering that speech development can be achieved with a healthy hearing, the importance of hearing will be understood better. The solution of the problems that develop due to hearing loss enables the individual to participate strongly in social life and increases the quality of life. “

Hearing aid use must spread

Stating that the use of hearing aids is low in our country, Ali Titiz said, “While acceptance for auditory rehabilitation is more comfortable in individuals with complete hearing loss in the society, acceptability to use hearing aids for auditory rehabilitation for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss is very low, not only in our country but all over the world. In this situation, which is seen as both cosmetic and old age expression by the person, failure to correct our auditory sense will continuously adversely affect the quality of life in the social environment. From this point of view, it is known that the use of glasses in the society is of great importance in terms of the rehabilitation of our visual sense, and if they can be used in all age groups without wasting time, we, as ear, nose and throat physicians, hope to have a similar approach in hearing loss ”.

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