More than a million students are eagerly waiting for the High School Transition Exam (LGS). The exam will be held on Sunday, June 6 this year. On the one hand, 8th grade students who try to continue their education in difficult conditions, on the other hand, continue to prepare for the exam.

Assoc. Dr. Yelkin Diker Coşkun made important suggestions for the students who will take the exam.


Noting that students who have spent a long time experience more intense stress as the exam time approaches, Assoc. Dr. Coşkun said, “The most important factor that increases this stress is the fear of failure. It is important for students to be aware of this. Because it’s easier for us to deal with emotions that we know why. Students should not have negative thoughts about the results of the exam as the exam approaches, and should focus on exam performance. “Since there is little time left for the exam, it will be beneficial for them to increase their performance by focusing on solving questions and focusing on the issues they have the most difficulties.”

Assoc. Dr. Coşkun, for candidates who have problems focusing on the exam; He recommended that they take precautions such as temporarily delaying thinking about non-exam problem situations, making a daily study plan and trying to implement this plan, and not using distracting tools such as mobile phones and social media while solving questions.

Assoc. Dr. Coşkun said that candidates who take mock exams will use a certain amount of time as in the real exam, and complete the test without changing rooms or places frequently, will help focus.


Suggesting that they pay attention to the question techniques while solving the questions, Assoc. Dr. Coşkun said, “The questions now consist of long paragraphs, data they need to infer. In order to solve these questions that are based on multiple cause-effect relationships and require analysis skills, it requires a separate effort to understand what is required in the question other than just knowledge. In the exam, it is necessary to prepare by solving lots of questions in order to grasp the root of the question well, to make inferences from the options and to do all these at a certain speed. These preparations are of great importance in using time effectively in the exam ”.


Stating that preparing for the exam during the pandemic process negatively affects the morale of the students, Assoc. Dr. Yelkin Diker Coşkun said, “The fact that they stay away from their friends and teachers with whom they can share the emotions of preparing for the exam reinforces this. However, students’ thinking that the pandemic is a temporary process may reduce its negative effect on exam performance, ”he said.


Before the exam, Assoc. Dr. Coşkun said, “It is necessary to continue a balanced sleep, study and rest program until the exam. When they say ‘My last time, let me sacrifice sleep and take a test’, they may actually be increasing cognitive fatigue. This can cause distraction. A balanced routine positively affects exam performance. They may feel excited during the exam as well as before the exam. They should focus on the exam so that their excitement does not negatively affect their exam performance. It can be helpful to quickly examine the questions in general and to put the practice sequences in their minds. “They can manage this excitement by starting from the questions they know.”

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